Biscuit Gift Box 23pcs.

Biscuit Gift Box 23pcs.

RM 130.00

Product Description

Apart from the renowned chocolate collections, Royal Belgian Chocolatier GODIVA has more to offer with the purpose of providing an all rounded chocolate experience. Among all, Chocolate Biscuit Collection is one of the most popular products. This year, GODIVA specially presents the Small Assortment Biscuits Gift Box to satisfy all chocolate lovers’ needs. Crispy biscuits and the richest milk and dark chocolate combine with the purest ingredients, this magical bond instantly creates an ultimately sweet experience. The small gift box includes a total of 23 chocolate biscuits that comes in six delightful flavours such as, Godiva Signature, Dark Truffle Heart, Hazelnut Praliné, Petite Mousse, Chocolate Lune and Hazelnut Belgique. Each flavour has its own unique palate, and is sure to entice your taste buds.

A new member is added into the classic GODIVA Chocolate Biscuits Collection. With the handy GODIVA Biscuit Gift Box that is easy to carry around, GODIVA provides all metropolitans another luxurious chocolate option. Two flavours, Petite Mousse and Hazelnut Belgique, are only available in this delicate gift box; and you definitely do not want to miss out on this sweet surprise.