GODIVA Chocolate Encyclopedia


A cream or butter ganache centre, enrobed with a fine film of chocolate and rolled into a ball, either in cocoa power of different colours and flavours, coconut or other nuts.

  • Truffe Praliné Brésilienne
    Truffe Praliné Brésilienne
    Our signature hazelnut praliné coated in smooth milk chocolate and rolled in crispy caramelized hazelnuts
  • Truffe Caramel Salé
    Truffe Caramel Salé
    An intriguing blend of rich liquid caramel and sel de Guérande, covered in both milk and dark chocolate and topped with dark chocolate slivers
  • Truffe Mousse de Lait
    Truffe Mousse de Lait
    This special milk chocolate mousse derives its nutty hints from our 43% Venezuelan cocoa chocolate, surrounded by milk chocolate and rolled in fine cocoa powder
  • Truffe Mousse Vanille Miel
    Truffe Mousse Vanille Miel
    Wildflower honey infused ganache combined with light vanilla mousse, covered in dark chocolate and rolled in creamy white chocolate flakes
  • Truffe Mousse Matcha
    Truffe Mousse Matcha
    Exotic Matcha tea mousse, covered in milk and dark chocolate, then rolled in Japanese Matcha powder
  • Truffe Speculoos
    Truffe Speculoos
    Cinnamon Speculoos biscuit mousse surrounded by smooth milk chocolate and covered with a Speculoos biscuit crunch
  • Truffe Praliné Amande
    Truffe Praliné Amande
    The nutty, caramel accents of our 43% Venezuelan cocoa milk chocolate praliné blend naturally with almond and feuilletine, all surrounded in milk and dark chocolate.
  • Truffe Traditionnelle
    Truffe Traditionnelle
    Milk chocolate cream in a milk chocolate shell enrobed in dark chocolate and rolled in cocoa powder
  • Truffe Fruit Framboise
    Truffe Fruit Framboise
    Dark chocolate mousse with a fruity puree center,enrobed in dark chocolate and rolled in icing sugar and raspberry powder
  • Truffe Amande Au Miel
    Truffe Amande Au Miel
    Almond praline with honey and pieces of almonds in a milk chocolate shell,rolled in pieces of roasted and caramelized almonds with honey
  • Truffe Cappuccino
    Truffe Cappuccino
    Capuccino cream in a dark chocolate shell,enrobed in dark chocolate and rolled in white chocolate flakes
  • Truffe Irish Coffee
    Truffe Irish Coffee
    Whipped coffee cream and dark chocolate paste with Whisky,enrobed in dark chocolate and rolled in milk chocolate flakes with coffee flavour
  • Truffe Amère
    Truffe Amère
    Extra dark chocolate butter cream enrobed in dark chocolate and rolled in dark chocolate flakes
  • Truffe Fruit Fraise
    Truffe Fruit Fraise
    White chocolate filed with a sterawberry puree,enrobed in dark chocolate and rolled in icing sugar and strawberry powder
  • Truffe Grand Marnier
    Truffe Grand Marnier
    Milk chocolate butter cream with Grand Marnier,housed in milk and dark chocolate shell and rolled in light brown cocoa poeder
  • Truffe Crème Brûlée
    Truffe Crème Brûlée
    Caramelized vanilla cream and dark chocolate enrobed in white chocolate enrobed in white chocolate and sprinkled with brown sugar